This section contains the majority of the lengthy documents on Iiosia. It is sub-divided into three sections;


The driving force behind the creation of the world is the tales and stories I've written, am writing, and am going to write. This is where you can find these, and hopefully enjoy my tales of adventure, danger, and conflict.

This section contains extended accounts of some of the more major events in Iiosia's past, such as the world-defining Great War. These accounts were deemed too long to be included in pages that detailed anything else.

A tabletop game system, akin in format to Dungeons and Dragons, set within the Iiosia universe. It is designed to be simplistic enough to get the hang of easily, but in depth enough that it offers a worthwhile experience. Within this section you can find all the rules and supplies you'll need to start playing IRPG.


A Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy World created by Veriax


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