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Compendium - Fang of the Serpent

The Fang of the Serpent is a magical dagger. The weapon is a thing of beauty; the hilt is the shape of intertwining snakes, the scales and faces of which have been carved with intricate detail, and the eyes of which are small emeralds. The curved, eight inch blade is made of the finest steel, and remains razor sharp even to this day.

It is said that blade was forged by an outlawed group of atia during Tae’lummisae, the Age of Wonder. This individual, or individuals, used The Black Arc of magic to imbue the weapon with terrible powers, making it one of the most deadly weapons to grace the face of Iiosia.

Those struck by the blade will be infected with a thousand poisons that will start killing the victim almost instantly. Even a small nick from the blade is enough to ensure the death even of the strongest mortal. Reports claim that those wounded by the blade are certain to be dead within a few days, and during this time their bodies will be gripped with agonies so torturous they often end their lives themselves rather than endure more pain. The blade causes massive swellings within the body, disfiguring and discolouring skin and faces and limbs, often causing paralysis, hallucinations and madness.

So far no one is known to have survived being cut by this weapon.

Throughout the ages the Fang of the Serpent has changed names almost as often as it has changed owners. The Serpent Fang, Fang, Demon's Fang and Poison Fang are all names to be used to describe the weapon. To the atia it is known as "Ker-Ara'th", or "Fang-Serpent".

The last reported sighting of the blade was during the fall of the kingdom of Orondor, where it was used to finally help defeat the demon Scythliea.

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