A Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy World created by Veriax


Compendium - Heathen/Old Gods

These gods are worshiped in the dark corners of the world. Their beginnings lie in the times before humankind became civilized, and many feel that that is where they should stay. There are those deviants that still revere these dark gods, however, believing that they will grant them power in this life or reward them in the next.

Raist – Emissary of the Underworld/Inferis


Raist appears as a small, hunched and cloaked old man, bearing a simple gnarled wooden staff. His face and much of his body is hidden within a tattered brown cloak, save for a skeletal hand which clasps the staff.


Raist rules the Underworld, or at least is the dominant power in deciding who comes from that Realm. The Underworld was thought to be a realm from which demons and dark magic originated, and thus is similar to Inferis. In humankind’s infancy, some people took to worshiping Raist in the hope that they would be thought favoured upon by demons and the like. In modern-day Iiosia, some still believe that he has power over Inferis.


Worship of Raist is largely illegal throughout the civilised parts of the world and met with hostilities and often executions – this is largely due to the fact that it’s believed that Raist demands live sacrifice to be appeased. Only a handful of outcasts still worship Raist in the depths of Orondor and more remote places. He is also highly regarded by many Dark Arc mages.

Slythe – the Unlife


A tall, cloaked figure, of which you never see his face. His hands though, are old and withered, like that of a dried out corpse. His avatar is that also of shadows and the night.


Slythe is the god of the unlife, and of undeath. He as the power not only to take life away, but to grant it once again. Desperate people turn to Slythe to have loved ones returned to them, and most necromancers revere him utterly. In both cases, such a course of action often takes a serious toll.


Worship of Slythe is strictly forbidden, and even the mention of his name can be met with harsh penalties. As such there are many who know nothing of him. Those that do, however, hold him in either great fear, loathing or deify him most highly.

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