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Compendium - Other Gods

Halfling Dieties

Merrihoff the Wanderer


Merrihoff is depicted as being a cheerful halfling man, with a pack on his back and carrying a study walking stick.


Merrihoff is believed to aid people, especially halflings, on their travels and keep them safe and away from misfortune.


Halflings will say a quiet prayer to Merrihoff as they set about upon a journey, and more often than not several other times during it as well, as halflings hate travelling. Merrihoff is only prayed to by halflings.

Snitch – the Lightfingered


Snitch is a halfling dressed in black, with a wide eyed cheeky look on his face and a mischievous grin. He carries a simple dagger, often depicted when it is cutting a coin purse from a mark’s belt. As such, the dagger and cut-purse is Snitch’s symbol.


Snitch is the halfling god of thievery, and as such he is highly regarded by most halflings.


All halfling thieves aspire to be as light-footed, light fingered and as quick-witted as Snitch. It is thought by some that he was a real person, and his skills were so great that his legend ascended into godhood.

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