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Compendium - Illumoss

Illumoss is a strange, spongy moss which is known to grow in underground and other subterranean areas, especially around sources of water.

What makes Illumoss unique is that it glows with a deep green hue when not exposed to other light sources. While its light is relatively dim, it is sufficient for wanderers lost within cave systems to navigate by in search of an exit.

Illumoss is a fragile thing. It will lose its glow and die within hours of being picked. Also, it will instantly perish the moment it comes into contact with sunlight. Even the waning light of dawn is enough to make Illumoss shrivel and die, though the light of the moon does not affect it so.

Illumoss is highly sought after by mages and alchemists due to its unique characteristics and possible magical origins. However, its fragile nature makes it incredibly difficult to work with. Despite this, Illumoss has been found to possess remarkable curative properties and, if taken in the correct quantities along with the right mixture of other ingredients, can provide an antidote to all but the most deadly of poisons.

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