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Compendium - Home

The Compendium is a place which houses information on other areas of Iiosia which do not fall into other sections. They comprise the subjects of notable individuals, important artefacts, and interesting things.

Notable Individuals

Erensol – the queen of the atia who ruled at the time of the Great War

Ragnar Fireheart – dwarvern explorer and founder of the Halfling race

Nerralyth – Reluctant vampyre who hunted criminals in the Runic capital Eishion

Hack Marrow - legendary pirate and founder of the town of Toruga in Rune.

Gods, Worship, Culture

The Gods of Atia (and Oun)

The Gods of Rune

The Gods of the Dwarves

The Gods of Ghrea

Gods of Other Races

The Heathen Gods

Important Artefacts

The Fang of the Serpent

Magic flux

The Veriaxe

Interesting Things

Stonebread – a dwarvern bread which lasts for months without spoiling

Illumoss  - a florescent moss which is killed by sunlight

Spirit Wood - magical wood made from the homes of Fea.

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