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Compendium - The Veriaxe

The Veriax is a giant double-bladed axe which was wielded by the demon Vanaus during the Great War. It is an artefact of terrible and awesome power; the very air around it shimmers with a palpable air of menace.

Such is the weapon’s size and weight that no mortal could ever hope to wield it in battle. The haft of the weapon is some fifteen feet long, the blades three feet across.

The weapon is imbued with ancient, nefarious runes along its entire length; runes which constantly pulse with a menacing red glow.

The only time the axe has ever been witnessed to have been used was reported during the battles of The Great War. These events are shrouded in mystery and many details lost in the passage of time, and yet tales of the axe, from all sources, remain consistent with one another. Those facing the axe met certain death; whether by the edge of the blade, which cut through all defence, or simply succumbing to the foul aura of the weapon, for simply being near the axe can cause the very life-force of a creature to dissipate.

The axe was lost after the final events of The Great War, when Vanaus and the other Chk’arth were vanquished.

There are those that say that the dwarves hold the axe, along with the Magic Flux, in the sealed vaults beneath Vordaal. Other legends say that it was the atia who retrieved it, baring it to one of their few remaining strongholds. Perhaps neither holds true, and the axe lays lost within The Wound, awaiting someone powerful enough to use it once more.

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