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General - Histories

The planet upon which Iiosia is set is very old; Iiosia is but one Era that makes up its entirety. Although we are largely unconcerned with the pre-histories and the formation of the planet as a life-sustaining system, the Eras prior to and post Iiosia do have an effect on the development of the world as a whole.

The Three Eras

The Age of Wonder- “Tae’lummisae”

This era lasted for many thousands of years before the beginning of Iiosia. It's name, Tae’lummisae, is also an atian word. Roughly translated, it means “The Age of Wonder”. It was a time when the world was largely at peace and ruled by the racial empires of the dwarves, atia and tar'tchii. Vast swathes of the world were untamed, blanketed in dense and lush forests, stretching for as far as the eye could see. Dragons and other fantastical beasts soared in the skies and roamed the lands. The race of humans were as children, living in caves and eking out a living as hunter gathers in small, scattered tribes. The world was full of magic, but The Black Arc itself was largely thought of as  nothing  more than a myth. There was little conflict; at least not on the scale seen upon modern-day Iiosia,  the world was a largely peaceful and prosperous place, and those who lived within it were content.

Everything, however, comes to an end. For Tae’lummisae, it came in the form of a cataclysmic war that shook the very fabric of the world itself. This was called The Great War, and ended in an event called The Sundering, further details of which can be found in the Writings section.

From the ashes of these events, Iiosia was born.

The Age of Turmoil - "Iiosia"

With the coming of the Black Arc, all things changed. After the Sundering, the Black Arc was no longer held back from the world. It seeped into the fabric of many of the lands, changing the nature of things; the plants, the animals, warping and twisting them in unnatural ways.

The empires of the dwaves, atia and tar'tchii all fell to ruin. Only the dwarves held some of what they had prior to the Sundering, and they largely withdrew from the world as a result. The atia became nomads, the tar'tchii were banished from Auraura's gaze. Only humans remained, slowly grasping the use of tools, agriculture, currency, and magic. They emerged into a world filled with creatures altered by the Black Arc; foul monsters lurked in the woods, armies of mutants marched on their lands, demons lurked in the south, and even the dead did not rest easy.

Iiosia, the Era of Turmoil, had arrived.

The Age of Mankind - "Alderon"

The transition between the end of Iiosia and the beginning of Alderon was not a stark and sudden one as what happened when  Tae’lummisae ended. Indeed, the change was much more subtle, and lasted several centuries as the Arcs of magic slowly dwindled from the world. Why this occurred was never truly known as it happened over such a long period that it was barely noticed from one generation to the next.

With the decline of magic, so too came the the slow extinction of the races of Iiosia. The demons were first; their reliance on the Black Arc made them the first to die out. The other races, including the dwarves, atia, and all those touched by the Black Arc, eventually passed on; their remains kept in crypts and morbid museums, and eventually became little more than curios and folklore.

Only humankind seemed  unaffected in a negative way by the decline of magic. Quite the contrary, they thrived. Given access to greater swathes of territory and with only themselves as competition, the humans knowledge and grasp of technology only grew.

What resulted was the world of Taleron, the Era of Mankind. Alderon is no atian word; it is a word chosen by the humans for a world of their own dominion. The humans of Alderon care little for the things that have passed before; the vast majority of what occurred within Iiosia lost to them and branded as legend and simple stories. Their thirst for technology, knowledge, and power drove them to more and more outrageous creations. Their feats of engineering, architecture and electronics were wonders to behold, but the price they paid for them, and the sins they inflicted on themselves, could arguably be said to be worse than any of the atrocities of the creatures of the Black Arc.


Yet even this is not the end. One such atrocity would make the humans realise their folly, and even with thousands of years gone by, and with no respect for the things long since past, the forces of magic would not rest forever...


Summarised below are major events throughout time which have changed the very nature of the world, altering magical balances to such a degree that it influences the entire world, and results in the extermination, or creation, of different species. They have little bearing on Iiosia as such, but give inside to how it began and, ultimately, how it will end.



Dwarf Year

Runish Year

Alderon Year


































Pre-history. Little is known of this part of the planet’s history. The world was ruled over by the atia, dwarves and tar’tchii, who lived in relative harmony with the vast forests that covered the world.

The Sundering - a great wave of Black Arc magic blasts over the world after a portal to Inferis is opened to banish an army of demons. The portal is sealed, but Black magic still remains in the world.

After the events of The Great War and The Sundering, the world is changed forever. Over the next few thousand years many different races of people emerge from the fallout of the Black Arc

The rise of humankind begins

Magic begins to slowly decline from the world, and with it many of the races that were formed with its influence

Magic dissipates completely. The other races and monsters fade out from Iiosia, leaving the humans the planet and ending the Iiosia era and beginning Alderon

Two thousand years after magic and the other races died out, Alderon is a world much changed. The events passed are the stuff of legend and many dispute they ever happened at all. Technology has developed to fill the void of magic. Humans fill the world and use it for their own needs.

The Magic Flux, which was once used to open a portal to Inferis over six thousand years ago, is ignorantly broken by the humans. A portal to Inferis is opened once more; the demons old spill out in their droves.  This is the Second Sundering. The war of magic against technology begins…

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