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General - Information on Iiosia

"Iiosia" is a word the origins of which are found in the ancient language of the atia. Roughly translated into the dialect of humans, the word means "turmoil". The atia, an ancient race of mages, dubbed it so after the events of The Great War; a terrible conflict which changed the face of history. From the ashes of this war. Iiosia, or The Era of Turmoil, began.

This is the age defined by the Black Arc of magic; a foul, prevalent force which is all at once powerful and subtle, dangerous and tempting. Seeping from the demonic realm of Inferis, the Black Arc has twisted and changed the landscapes, vegetation, and creatures of many areas of Iiosia, giving rise to the skittish Gilth, war-mongering Ghreal, and reducing swathes of the world to inhospitable wastelands. The old empires of the atia, tar'tchii and dwarves are long since lost; the peaceful world over which they dominated gone forever. Iiosia is a world of conflict, danger, and confusion, and as such has been aptly named indeed.

Iiosia is a setting which takes place upon a planet akin to the size of Earth. However the area Iiosia itself is set upon (shown to the right), covers an area approximately the size of Europe. Most of the rest of the planet is as yet undiscovered, and the things which lay beyond the corners of the map are of little interest to those concerned with Iiosia. None who have sought to explore beyond have ever returned.

There is one sun, named Auroura, and a single moon, called Luminus. Along with Iiosia there are six other planets within the system. These are named Aramis, Innicas, Physis, Mirvina, Vraxux, and Neirial. Iiosia is the fourth planet. A map of Iiosia can be found to the right, which shows all of the Places within Iiosia and the major settlements and places of interest within them.

Iiosia's History

Iiosia is a world rich in history. From the pre-histories of the Age of Wonder to the events of the Great War and beyond, the history of Iiosia has shaped and defined what it is in its current manifestation. Empires have come and gone, races risen and fallen, conflicts fought and invasions repelled.

Iiosia's Calender

As well as history, time; the single unrelenting force that not even the most powerful mage or demon can alter, has been the greatest factor in the formation of modern-day Iiosia. With its passing the Black Arc can alter the nature of lifeforms, mountains can fall, cities can crumble.

The dwarves have always been the worlds timekeepers, and to this day their calendar is used to measure the passing of the seasons.


Iiosia is a land within which conflicting magical forces are at work. These forces, known as Arcs, were in balance for several millennia before the historical events of the Great War, when the Black Arc was allowed to dominate. Since then, the world has never truly recovered, and the affects of the Arcs are seen and felt all across the continents.

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