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There are many, many amazing awesome people who have contributed to Iisoia in some way or another, and several tools and websites have been invaluable also. This page is dedicated to them.


  • Grand Elemental, for the music "Iiosia's Theme.
  • Lotoreo, for this awesome work on the Grellkin theme.
  • Superkikoni and Pathrogas for this joint piece, which they let me use as the Anthem of Rune
  • Superkikoni for "The Quiet Call of a Coming Evil", a theme made for IRPG


  • Ayoriceball painted this fantastic Iiosia map which is currently being used.
  • Neorxnian painted these pictures of a tar'tchii and atia.
  • Jan-Wah Li, supplier of these ghreal, grellkin, and human artworks.

  • D.M. drew the harpy, ulthin, succubus.
Ulthin Demon
  • Moogie, for these various artworks of locations around Iiosia (Nethicka, Cha'karthamoré, and a forest).
  • Neoue, for this plethora of artwork spread across the site (which includes these images and more!)

IRPG (Iiosia Role Playing Game) early development Playtesters:

  • Elder James, for your vast experience in RPGs and valuable aid in the development of IRPG
  • Xaio, for your enthusiasm towards everything to do with the project, and your coding skills ;-)
  • LarryIHateChu, for helping develop IRPG and making me second guess myself.
  • Death Incarnate, for your insightful feedback and unwavering willingness to help.
  • Winston, for your many many ideas with which to expand and improve the game.
  • Allaunira, for your insistence in playing and making me work when I otherwise wouldn't have.

Proof Reading:

  • Death Incarnate, for proof reading practically everything and being an endless source of encouragement and nagging.
  • Adamantium Trout, for volunteering to check over the wiki for errors.

Special Mentions:

  • Kyosho for helping set up the wiki (now defunct due to technical issues)
  • Red, for his help with proof-reading, resource collection, encouragement, and a whole load of other things!
  • YOU!! And everyone who has checked out the site and commented so far. Your interest is worth more than you know


A list of useful links to sites that have helped me develop and create Iiosia.

  • Campaign Cartographer - The program I used use to make the maps of Iiosia before the current map was drawn.
  • Maptool - A program that creates a virtual tabletop to play pen and paper RPGs on. An invaluable tool in making Iiosia's pen and paper incarnation - IRPG
  • - A web-based program similar to Maptool that has also been used to run IRPG games.
  • NaNoWriMo - National Novel Writing Month is a great motivational tool which I'll be using to get my ass in gear and actually write things. If you're part of NaNoWriMo then look me up there, my usename is Veriax.
  • WGAW Registery - Where I've registered all my works to prove that everything I've written legally belongs to me and all that jazz.

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