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Races - Beasts - BloodToad

A bloodtoad is a giant, gelatinous toad with oozing, bloody skin covered in open sores and pus-filled buboes and blisters. They are one of the most disgusting and vile creatures to be found on Iiosia, and are often found feasting on carrion in the swamps and mashes of the world.

They like nothing better than to wallow in the blood and remains of slain creatures. As a decadent and vile creature they are widely reviled, but also greatly feared for their sharp teeth and vast bulk.

Bloodtoads are not immediately hostile, however, and any individuals or even groups of adventurers thinking of engaging one should beware not only the toad's leap, which will bring its vast bulk crashing down on anyone unfortunate to be beneath it, but also its foul breath which it will use to choke its victims before it tries to devour them.

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