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It is said that once, long ago, a tribe of warrior women inhabited the bleak landscape of The Jagged Teeth Mountains on the southern border of what would become Rune. These mountains are often assailed with strong gusts of wind, threatening to snatch someone from a cliff face and plunge them to their doom. The women, having had to endure the loss of many of their number to such a cruel fate, found that by strapping the wings of giant bats to their arms, they could have a chance to prevent such an untimely death. A witch of this tribe, by the name of Ophina, went one step further, and used the Black Arc to bind the wings to herself permanently to ensure that she would not suffer such a fate. However, seeing what she had done, the rest of the women banished Ophina from the tribe for using foul magics.

Alone, Ophina became consumed with hate, and after mastering the use of her new wings, went after her old tribe and slew them one by one, using her wings to out manoeuvre them and drag them screaming to their deaths - ripping up their make-shift wings as they fell.

It was only after the killing was done that Ophina realised she was gifted with a child, which, when she came, bore the same wings as Ophina herself. Thus, the race of the Harpies came to pass.

Harpies are an all-female winged race that still inhabit the mountains of The Outlands and The Scar. They have the body of a naked human female, though their nails have been replaced with sharp talons, and their arms are partially replaced with vast bat-like wings which have a wingspan of around twenty feet.

Harpies are solitary creatures, living upon high ledges on the mountains, although they spend the majority of their time in the skies. They search for food, which they kill using their strong talons, but also search for potential mates. Harpies will kidnap any humanoid male and mate with them in order to have child, since no male harpies are ever born. They will then eat the male's genitals, which they consider something of a delicacy, and then let them bleed to death.

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