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Husks were created by the atia many centuries ago during the Age of Wonder, using strange and terrible magics, which have been lost to the passage of time. Husks were once living, breathing creatures, but have had their free will and most of their bodily functions forcibly removed.

A husk's appearance will be akin to that of whatever creature it was before it was transformed, although several startling changes occur. The skin darkens and becomes wrinkled, cracked, and flaky, often peeling off entirely to reveal blackened, but functional, muscle beneath. The eyes become sunken, yellow, and dead. Teeth, hair, and nails all fall out. Despite all this, the bone and muscle structure remain intact, and husks will remain active forever unless they are damaged or destroyed.

Husks are easily slain, however. Having no sense of self preservation, they can simply be struck down. They are often burnt afterwards, though this is unnecessary.

Husks are widely regarded with revulsion in most areas of Iiosia, this is largely because most husks were once human beings. While husks of dogs and other species can be found, the atia seemed to greatly prefer humans as their victims in their creation of husks. This treatment of their ancestors has led many humans to treat atia with disdain and mistrust, if not open hostility.

In modern day Iiosia, husks are vary rare to come across. In the lands of Rune, Oun, and (what was) Orondor, keeping husks of any kind is illegal. Any husks found are destroyed and anyone keeping one as a servant will be harshly punished under what the country’s law is. Despite this, husks are still kept by mages in more isolated or lawless places of the world.

Mages skilled in Mind magic are able manipulate a husks into performing simple tasks. They were made to act as slaves for the atia, and were used to perform simple mundane tasks and physical duties which the atia thought either beneath them or was beyond their means to do. Their great strength and tireless endurance were instrumental in constructing the larger structures within atian cities.

One could be forgiven to think them akin to zombies, as they are mindless and have no need to eat, sleep, or rest. However, there are several major differences. Firstly, husks are not actually dead; their hearts still beat within their chests. The magic the atia used to create them was not necromancy, and thus they are not susceptible to Divine magic spells. Hence, husks do not seem to decay, either. As husks were made within the Age of Wonder, and the methods of making them were lost thereafter, they are thought to be at least two thousand years old.

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