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Races - Beasts - Maloundai

Maloundai are huge reptiles who live within mountainous regions and vast plains. Their skin is grey, gnarled and hard, and they spend much of their lifetime being completely motionless and blending into their surroundings. Because of this, they are adept at camouflage and are often mistaken for rocks and boulders. Someone could walk right by a lurking Maloundai, failing to see them despite their great size.

The maloundai possesses an extremely slow metabolism that lets them go for up to a year without feeding. They will set upon anything that they regard as food, which is anything larger than a cat and smaller than a small army, when it comes close enough. Surprise is the reptile’s major weapon, but the creature’s vast size belies the speed at which it can launch itself at its target. Its first attack is, surprisingly, its tongue, which can lash out a full fifteen feet in an attempt to ensnare its target. Parallels have been drawn between the maloundai’s tongue and the giant pythons that can be found in swamps around Iiosia, such is the power in the muscle of the appendage. Even if this fails and the maloundai’s prey somehow escapes its initial attack, then it will follow up with its long claws and vast bulk in an attempt to take down its intended victim.

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