Night Hounds


A Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy World created by Veriax


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Night Hounds are giant, black-furred dogs that inhabit the woods of The Outlands and other areas of wilderness.

They were originally large dogs or hyenas, but have been gradually warped by Dark magic into lithe, agile killing machines. Their eyes are bloodshot and their powerful jaws can rip a man's arm off with little effort at all.

They hunt in packs, preying on herds of cattle or possibly single, larger targets, and they even have been known to attack small settlements on the hunt for food. They are led by an alpha-male, much like lions, who will try to kill all male offspring that he sires if he can.

Night Hounds are widely feared; their howls are known to drive fear into even the most hardened warrior. There are a few cases where Night Hounds have been known to have been tamed, but only if they were captured at a young age and trained extensively by individuals willing enough to run the risk of doing so, as a Night Hound can not easily resist its basic desire to rip the throat out of anything that might be remotely classed as food.

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