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Races - Beasts - Ogres

Ogres are huge lumbering giants who live deep within forests where the trees grow tall and the foliage is thick. Ogres are even larger than grellkin, towering in excess of ten feet in height, with most of their vast bulk made up of thick muscle. Their skin is grey, their features, while humanoid, are thick and heavy. They sport large, yellow teeth and nails, and their hair is thick, dark, and course. There are few differences between male and female ogres in appearance.

They live solitary, simple lives, living off deer, boar and other large animals. Ogres possess at least a rudimentary intelligence, for they construct primitive wooden shelters, are able to create crude tools in the form of knives and axes, start fires and cook their food over them, and fashion clothing and bedding from the skin of the animals which they kill. They don’t seem to speak any languages, and indeed seem not to need one since ogres spend much of their lives alone.

The only time an ogre will venture from their home is when it attempts to find a mate. This occurs once every nine years and lasts throughout the months of Showerstorm and Cloudrush. During this time, male ogres will set off into the forests to find a female, while the females remain in their homes. Males will wander the forests until they find a female, and will stay with her until she accepts him as a mate. This may take weeks, and if another male arrives during this time, the males will fight over her (often to the death) in a brutal duel. By waiting, females will attract more males and, as they duel for her, she will have a greater chance of mating with a stronger male.

Ogres are highly territorial, and mark off their territory within the woods by displaying the carcasses of the animals they’ve killed on pikes in the general area. If they feel that their home is threatened by an intruder, they will confront them and try to kill them. In some unfortunate cases, bands of travelers have stumbled into an ogre's territory and paid the price. In such cases, the offenders are almost always killed, though several survivors have lived to tell the tale of an ogre's ferocity and viciousness. Because of this, ogres have an unfair reputation for being hostile, savage beasts, when in fact they are perfectly content living their lives out alone.

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