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Races - Beasts - Ormadon

Ormadons are, at first glance, huge panthers. However, the Black Arc has warped their features to be something else entirely.

Their large, feline bodies are sleek, strong and jet black, and near as half as large again as a fully-grown warhorse. Their bodies are not covered with fur, though, but their skin is an oily, strong and hairless, much like supple leather.

While the creature's rear and flanks are vulnerable, the cat-like features of their faces are warped by the large bone horn which sprouts from the top of their skulls, and by the sharp tusks which sprout from the sides of their mouths. These features are used in defense and attack respectively, particularly among duals with other ormadons when fighting over mates, territory, or for the sport of those who would capture them.

Ormadons are found almost exclusively upon the land of Ghrea, within the area known as The Wound. In this land, Dark Arc magic flows strongly, and this is why these creatures have been warped so. The ghreal hunt ormadons both for food and sport. While older ormadons are not tamable and will fight to the death, the ghreal have discovered that younger ones taken into captivity can be raised to fight against other creatures in the fighting pits.

The latter occurrence is not common, for even tamed ormadons are dangerous and unpredictable beasts, and only if a special bond is formed between the ormadon and the potential rider while the beast was at a young age has been made can such a feat be accomplished. As such, the ormadon riders of the ghreal army are few in number, but the ferocity of the oramdon’s talons and tusks combined with a skilled ghreal rider on its back, is a foe very few opponents of any race would be able to stand against.

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