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Races - Beasts - Pakarat

A pakarat is a creature of the Black Arc, a warped, huge rat with multiple heads, each with large, salivating mouths filled with cruel, sharp teeth.

Though most pakarats have two or three heads, larger animals have been encountered with up to ten. The size of the beast is directly proportional to how many heads it has. A creature with two heads might be up to three feet long, whereas one with four may be up to five. The larger, ten-headed packarats can be anything up to ten feet in length and are creatures of considerable speed, strength and ferocity.

However, despite its size, the pakarat is a cowardly creature and will avoid direct confrontation where it can, preferring instead to ambush weaker creatures for food or, even better, feed on carrion that it finds.

When it feeds, the pakarat's heads act independently, rending and tearing at flesh and devouring huge chunks of meat whole. The same could also be said when the pakarat is cornered and forced to fight, it is a dangerous foe to face in combat.

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