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The Black Arc is responsible not just for the warping of humans and their ilk, but other creatures too. In the depths of thick forests spiders have grown to unnatural sizes, so much so, that their webs pose a threat even for human-sized creatures. In the deep forests of Iiosia, large nests of spiders can be found, with webs stretching out among the trees for many miles in every direction. The strands are so fine that they are almost imperceptible to the naked eye, and yet so strong and sticky that they are capable of ensnaring animals, large and small alike. Even large, strong animals such as bears and even ogres have been found cocooned in spider webbing. The giant spiders of Iiosia have been known to ensnare and devour entire groups of people who were careless enough to let themselves be caught within the webbing.

Spider groups can range from a few individuals to a nest of hundreds or perhaps thousands of individual spiders. The larger nests will have a queen. While most giant spiders will reach a size of five feet in length in the course of their lives, queens have been known to reach four times this size.

While the term “giant spider” can be used as an encompassing term, there are many variations between species. Giant spiders often have venomous bites which paralyze their prey, making them easier to ensnare in webs to be used for food later. Others will be larger, and their carapace will be tougher than leather. Others are able to glide from tree to tree using membranes between their legs. Others still burrow down into the earth and wait to ambush their prey.

While giant spiders are extremely dangerous, their silk, venom, chitin and other parts of their bodies are extremely useful and valuable to alchemists and eccentric enthusiasts, and so they are often hunted by intrepid (or foolish) adventurers who are willing to risk their lives to acquire such items.

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