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Races - Demi-races - Centaurs

Centaurs have the hindquarters of a horse, but the torso, usually naked, of a human. They are very proud creatures, with long brown, black or blond hair and commanding voices. Each herd is lead by a male, who is the strongest male in the group. If another male wishes to take his place, then they must duel. This can take the form of combat, or a race, or both depending on the situation. If the contest is a matter of honour, then it is usually a fight to the death.

Centaurs of both sexes have an unhealthy appetite for wine and fighting, and therefore are not wholly welcome in human settlements but little can be done to be rid of them. Many a human settlement has been reduced to ruins following the news that there is no more drink for the centaurs to guzzle. They are terrible foes to behold, and though they can fight with bows and spears their most potent weapons are their hooves combined with their great bulk, which can crush even the strongest armour. Quite where their love of wine comes from however, is truly a mystery.

Centaurs are a rare sight in modern-day Iisoia. During the Era of wondered they would rule the planes of the south-lands, but their territories have dwindled to but a fraction of what they once were. Now, they are most commonly found to the extreme south of the Dwarf Kingdom, though some small groups are found within the realms of Magador and even Rune.

"Drink, fight and love." ~ Centaur philosophy on life

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