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The Gilth are humanoid creatures whom may at one time have been much like mankind, but have gradually altered and evolved into what they are today. Gilth are smaller than humans, at around five feet and four inches being a good average height for males, slightly smaller for females.

Gilth by Neone

They are a scrawny but deceptively strong race, known for their agility and low cunning. Gilth have wicked looking sharp features with pointed noses, pointed chins and large ears. They have excellent hearing and their sense of smell is as keen as a bloodhound's. Gilths dislike sunlight, though they are not harmed by it, and so they spend much of their time underground in the dark and can see reasonably well in such conditions. Their skin colour ranges from dark greens and browns to reds and sometimes pitch black. Black gilths are more often than not the more powerful of their kind, with those of dark green generally being the weakest. What caused this variation is unknown, but it has led to gilth society becoming highly segregated, with “the greenies” serving as lackeys for the others. Black gilths are the rarest colours and for the most part it is them that rule over the others.

All gilth are very strong swimmers; their barren land does not support life and so they must turn to the sea for their food.

Gilths often squabble and kill each other over small things. They are barbaric and animalistic in the sense that they have little regard for each other’s lives, but still are not fully beasts. They have limited crafting and metalworking skills. Art and music seem somewhat beyond them, perhaps because such things are far from their way of life. They do, however, have a great tendency to invent a wide variety of games which they play and squabble and kill each other over.

The gilth are an isolated race, and have little to do with other races except to go to war with them. This is fortunate, because other races wish to have little to do with the gilth. The only reason for anyone to travel to Nethicka is to attempt to extract some of the diamonds that can be found within the caves there. This is highly dangerous, as the gilth are fiercely territorial and will attack and kill any intruders on their lands. Other than the diamonds, which they are oblivious to the value of, the gilth have little to sell or trade from their homeland, though gilths themselves make excellent trackers and scouts, and can sometimes, but rarely, be found as hirelings for expeditions into dangerous areas and territories.

Though the islands comprising Nethicka are for the most part individual entities, all gilth know that their supreme rulers dwell on the largest island, Cranak, and the gilth rulers are known as The Avatars. It is at Cranak that a meteor crashed into Iiosia milennia ago. The impact caused much of the low-lying land to sink beneath the sea, never to resurface, and left behind the wreckage that is modern-day Nethicka. The meteor, buried underground, was unearthed within a great cavern by the first of the gilth. Warped by the heat of the atmosphere and eroded by the dripping of underground water, the alien composite rock had eroded away in places but not in others, resulting in an effigy of a giant, towering figure with many arms. The gilth worshiped the statue, naming it The Silent Speaker. Close proximity to the alien rock caused some of the gilth to have hallucinations, which were interpreted as The Silent Speaker talking to them. Those who saw such visions were considered highly blessed by their god, and greatly revered. Thus, they become Avatars, and they spend much of their lives living by The Silent Speaker, awaiting visions from it that will instruct them on how to lead the gilth race.

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