Demi Races


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Races - Demi-races

Somewhere the relatively sophisticated dealings of the High Races, and the animalistic nature of the Beasts, Demi-races posses the ability to reason and understand, but due to a lack of intelligence, physical limitations, or natural behaviors, they are unable to form complex societies of their own, nor form them with others. As such, demi-races are found in primitive tribes, or possibly mingle within the settlements of the High Races, where their unique attributes may be of some benefit to them.

The demi-races are:


Thought to have been plentiful in ages gone by, these half human, half horse people are a rare sight upon modern-day Iiosia. They are a people who love wine, fighting, and adultery - traits which otherwise taint their reputation as powerful fighters.


Magicial, forest-dwelling folk who are at best mischievous and at worst spiteful. They are hunted for their affinity to the magical Arcs, though are an elusive and mysterious race because of this.


A race of cave-dwelling humanoids who have uniquely adapted to life within the craggy islands and rough seas of Nethicka. An erratic, and cruel race of people, they worship an alien rock which lies at the centre of their hostile homeland.


The fabled race of dragons has not been seen nor heard of in over a thousand years. Though rumours persist as to their sightings, many accept that their race has long since ended, with some races eve doubting they had existed at all.


The strange lands of the north have changed those who live there. Humans began to take on animalistic traits, whereas dwarves turned into the wicked, evasive halflings.


Once the jewels of the sky, the tar'tchii were the purest of all beings. That was until they were betrayed by the atia in the events of the Sundering, and turned into vicious, warped monsters who are burned by the light of the sun.

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