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Races - Demi-races - Tar'tchii

The tar'tchii (tar-chee) were once beautiful. They were immortal, ageless creatures of Light who soared beneath the sun and emanated goodness. The tar’chii of old were masters of light magic and built the most beautiful city ever known – Ch’tielira – through the spires of which they would soar on their wide, white wings.

But all that changed when The Great War occurred. The tar’chii were themselves instrumental in ending that mighty conflict, and it was they who used their vast knowledge of the Arcs to banish the vast host of demons which plagued the world. It was the atia who betrayed them, and let them become saturated in the very Black Arc magics that they sought to keep at bay during the events of The Sundering.

Since then, the tar’chii became something else entirely. Their fair, smooth skin became dark and disfigured, as if horrifically burned. Their long, golden hair fell out and many had their wings drop off or turn to shrivelled, useless appendages. Their good and gentle nature turned in on itself, becoming full of hate and malice. Where once they would bask in the sun, and glean energy and joy from its warming glow, they now hide from it, for it burns them as if it cannot bring itself to look upon what they have become.

Their knowledge of magic did not diminish, but instead warped so that instead of having dominion over the Light Arc, the Black Arc was their forte. Incredibly strong, quick and agile, with a vast knowledge of foul magics the tar’tchii have transformed into the avatar of theBlack Arc itself.

Despite their transformation and all that was lost with it, their memories remained. The tar’tchii recall all too well what they were, and what was done to them. Hate festers in their hearts, driving them insane, and filling them with a burning hatred that can never be doused, for not even death can be a release for them; their immortality remains with them still.

Yet most common folk on the surface are disbelieving that such a race of creatures actually exist, for the tar’tchii are few in number, living in small groups within deep caverns in the mountains. They have largely retreated from the surface world, for they fear the sun and hide from it, though there are those that would venture above ground to try and seek out the atia in the hope of gaining a small measure of vengeance. More often than not tar’tchii stumble across small hamlets inhabited by humans, and so these unfortunate settlements must do instead.

Tales of creatures skulking out of the deepest, darkest pits in the mountains surrounding Magador and Oun occasionally filter out through the babbling accounts of half-mad survivors of massacres. Stories of darkness within shadows and moving, terrible nightmares have peppered the histories of humankind for many generations.

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