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Races - Demons - Cha'karth

The Cha'karth (cha-karth) are the most powerful entities which have ever stalked the face of Iiosia. Greater Demons, the Cha'karth are possess both colossal physical abilities, and also have mastery over many (if not all) of the Dark aspects of magic.

In the age of pre-history, before the Great War, they were able to enter Iiosia from the fiery, abyssal plane of Inferis through the magical tampering of the atia, who created the Magical Flux in order to further their own knowledge of magic.

On a magically charged and stormy night, six Cha'karth escaped through this flux, and during the years that followed, they amassed an army of misshapen creatures who brought the world to the brink of utter collapse. Only through an alliance of the dwarves, tar'tchii and atia were they defeated and banished back to Inferis.

Though it is widely speculated that more Cha'karth may inhabit Inferis, (thankfully) only six have been known to walk the lands of Iiosia. They are:

  • Scythliea, the Reaper. She delights in the taking of life, and will do so in as intricate and exquisite way possible, to please her own sordid desires.
  • Mealkith, the Dead. Brother to Scythliea, Mealkith's passion for necromancy makes use of those his sister slays.
  • Severon, the Vile. A bloated, greedy slob who will deceive others into doing his bidding with false promises and blackmail.
  • Sil’nith’tei, the Corruptor. The more elegant of the six, Sil’nith’tei uses her cunning wits and charms to achieve her goals
  • Mordessa, the Decadent. Her goal is to revel in wickedness. She delights in suffering, turmoil, and chaos.
  • Vanaus, the Dark. The mightiest of the Cha'karth; a giant, winged demon-lord, master sorcerer and mighty warrior, he desires to bring death and reign over a world of demons and destruction.

Though the Cha'karth have since been banished from Iiosia, their presence still remains. This is felt most within Cha'karthamoré, a land to the south of Ghrea, where dark magics flow strong and demons dwell within fortresses and ramshackle settlements upon the land. Guarding the coast of Cha'karthamoré along the shores of the Boiling Sea are six towers, each belonging to one of the Cha'karth.

The Cha'karth have not been seen or heard of for several thousand years now and most people dismiss them entirely as fiction but they are, unfortunately, mistaken. In the year 543, one of the Cha'karth - Scythliea - was summoned in Orondor, which resulted in the entire ruin of the entire country. Had she not been stopped, she would have undoubtedly have brought ruin to many other parts of the world as well.

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