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Scythliea (Scythe-lee-ah) is one of the Chkarth. So-named the Reaper because of the delight she takes in killing, she is perhaps the most devastating Chkarth in close combat save for Vanus the Dark, who is the strongest of the Chkarth.

Scythliea takes on the form of a humanoid female of around six feet in height. She is said to be so beautiful that it pains the eyes to look upon her.

The following account of her appearance is taken from the Twisted Fates story:

"The demon was a beautiful creature; more beautiful than any other thing he had ever seen or would have ever seen in this world. Its body had the basic form of a lithe and slim woman. Her unblemished skin was such a pure, untarnished white that it pained the eyes to look upon it. Her face was long and perfect and peaceful; her thin white lips and her eyes were closed and unmoving. Her white hair was straight and fine and went down her back to the base of her wings, which were smooth and bat-like, and also white. They were folded and it was impossible to tell how large they were, and the tail too was curled up on the floor and it was impossible to tell how long it was. It was not smooth like the wings – instead of skin it was covered in small pale grey scales – scales which ran not only along her tail, but throughout her body as well. They covered her abdomen and ran down the sides of her legs to cover the base of her feet and her clawed toes. They ran up the middle of her torso, between her bare white breasts, over the sides of her arms to her hands, and down over her shoulders and followed her backbone to the tail again. Her hands were covered in the scales, taking on the appearance of claws like her toes."

She is the sister to Maelkith, the Dead. While Maelkith was master of sorcery, Scythliea was master of combat. Together, they would work in slaying their foes and then resurrecting them as undead servants.

During the Great war, Scythliea could be found on the front lines of the battles fought against the atia, tar'tchii and dwarves. Throughout the campaign she would rend through hundreds of opponents with her talons, gorging on the blood of her enemies even while she fought. At night, she would torture captives and inflict unspeakable agonies upon them for her own amusement. She needed not sleep, nor rest, nor to eat anything save for select parts of her victims. None who stood before her during the war lived.

During the war the demons fought amongst themselves for a time, and the six Chkarth split into two sets of three. Scythliea fought on the side of Vanus, for she recognised that he was the strongest, and she respected that. In doing so, she turned against her brother, Mealkith, and proved her loyalty to Vanus by killing her brother; ripping off his head and tearing his body apart.

By killing her brother, she inherited some of his dominion over the dead and necromancy, though her powers, despite being considerable, would never match that of her brother.

Her actions had impressed Vanus, and he took her as his own. Thus, she be came the Bride of Vanus. The two coupled, and Scythliea fell pregnant with twin demon spawn growing within her womb.

Despite this, Scythliea was Vanus' chief lieutenant in the battles that followed. She lead the demonic armies to many victories and she seemed to be unstoppable in combat; not even a mighty spear thrust through her chest killed her. It was only due to the events of The Sundering that she was sucked back into Inferis along with many of the other demons, including the remaining Chkarth.

Scythliea is the only Chkarth to have been upon Iiosia on two separate occasions. She was summoned once again in the year 643 - over four thousand years after the end of the Great war - by a naive mage who wanted a boon granted. That year, Scythliea raised an army of the dead and brought about the end of the human kingdom known as Orondor. She also created a new and terrible creature - the Vampyre - by raising a body that she'd sucked dry of blood.

During her war with Orondor she gave birth to two offspring, which had been seething within her for over four millennia. These were the twins Orthane and Yvaine; the Demonspawn. With Scythliea as a mother and Vanus as a father, she knew that they would grow to become powerful individuals and allies. Vulnerable as they were at birth, Scythliea had them sent away, and she was wise in her decision to do so. Not long after birthing the twins she was banished once again to Inferis just before she could bring about the return of Vanus into the world.

Now is a time of waiting for Scythliea, just as it is for the other Chkarth. She awaits a time to return to Iioisa and once again revel in the deaths of the mortals who live there. She knows that her offspring dwell there also, and even to this day she calls to them, bidding them to find a way to bring her back, and bring about the end to pathetic Iiosia.

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