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Vanaus (van-ows) was the greatest of the chkarth. He was brought forth onto the world of Iiosia from the realm of Inferis through the misguided workings of the atia and their Magic Flux device. In the years after his arrival, he lurked in the far south of Iiosia, in a desert wilderness that would later become known as Chkarthamoré. There, he and the other five chkarth created the city ofKhralos, the most feared and evil place in the world, and turned the land into a twisted, strange place full of weird landscapes and bizarre creatures. Centuries later, once their strength was sufficient, he led the demon armies during the events of The Great War and was instrumental in sacking the cities of Allyon and Ch'tielria, as well as bringing half the world to ruin and changing the course of history forever.

Standing thirty feet tall, with dark red skin akin to hardened leather, Vanaus's frame dominated all around him. His features were bestial, looking like a cross between a hog and a man, though his amber, snake-like eyes glowed with inhuman intelligence. His body was heavily muscled and encased in crude plate armour that radiated intense heat, as if it had just emerged from the blacksmith's forge. From his back grew two huge tattered bat wings, which enabled him to fly and destroy his enemies from above. In battle he wielded a massive hammer, the head of which weighed several tonnes. Thousands of enemies were crushed beneath it during the battles fought against him. 

Worse still was his ability to warp the magical arcs, especially the aspect of Fire, to his will. He would roast his enemies alive in fire conflagrations the like of which have not been witnessed before nor since.

Vanaus was never defeated in battle. Even when half of the chkarth turned against him during the invasion, Vanaus and his remaining allies crushed the opposition and went on to almost obliterate the combined forces of dwarves, atia and tar'tchiiarrayed against him. It was only due to a mighty spell which banished most of the demon army, Vanaus himself included, back into Inferis that his plans were thwarted.

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