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Races - Demons - Drath

The Drath are larger, stronger versions of the ulthin, who are just as vile and wicked as their smaller cousins. If it could be said that ulthin are misshapen dwarves, then drath are what used to be ogres. Towering up to fifteen feet high and weighing several tons, drath loom over their foes and use their massive arms to swipe their enemies aside, crushing armour and bone alike as they do.

Though essentially humanoid, some drath have been known to have some drastic mutations. Sometimes they have no legs, and move around by dragging their bodies along with their massive, strong arms. Other drath have been known to have two heads, or extra arms.

Drath are extremely strong, but slow and dim witted. Nevertheless, they are sometimes found leading small bands of ulthins.

Like most demons, drath revel in destruction and death, and are practically immune to fire. Though saturated with Dark Arc energies, drath lack the mental capabilities to control and form spells, instead preferring to crush things underfoot or kill things in some equally physical manner.

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