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Races - Demons - Harbingers

Harbingers are dark entities called forth by mages practicing the demonic aspect of the Black Arc. They exist in a kind of twilight between the physical world and another. As a result of this, they cannot be harmed by conventional means and merely driven off with magical ones. They are able to phase through objects and walls of all materials, for they are unable to touch or manipulate anything in the physical world.

They have the appearance of floating shadows, skeletal figures, and vague, ghostlike shapes. They move with slow, deliberate movements – often hovering off the ground akin to a ghost-like mirage, and are a terrifying prospect to those who have never bared witness to one before. Fleeing before one does as much good as attacking – their ability to travel at speed and be unharmed by all but powerful, specific magics, means that they are rarely banished away against their own will. However, they are also unable to physically harm anything.

As they are unable to manipulate the physical world, and often drift out of existence entirely, they are useless for utilisation in armies as warriors or wizards. Thus, the primary purposes mages find them for is to be the deliverer of messages. Harbingers are able to teleport across large distances and move at great speeds; homing in on their target with supernatural accuracy. Once they deliver their message, they will depart into whatever half-life they dwell within. Very few are encountered without the prerequisite of the meddling of mages, and they seem to have little interest in the living.

Their appearance is often foreshadowed with a feeling of intense cold, as if a window was wide open during a winter storm, even in warm environments. The harbinger can deliver a message either verbally or through the power of projected thought – images imprinted to the brain.

Harbingers speak in low, raspy tones, sending a chill through mortals who hear such a voice. Far worse, though, is their projection into the recipients mind. Baring a very powerful resistance to mind magic, the harbinger is able to imprint thoughts to the targets mind without their permission, and this can be done when the target is awake, asleep, or unconscious. Thus, the message can be delivered in the form of a very impressionable, vivid dream, which cunning dark mages have used to influence those they wish.

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