A Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy World created by Veriax


Races - Demons

Creatures of evil magic, manifested upon the face of Iiosia to wreak harm, death, and destruction. Demons are the most chaotic entity on the planet, and come in a myriad of forms. Some are almost mindless, driven mad by the need to inflict cruelty and suffering. Others are masters of magic, capable of commanding sorcerous powers humans mages could never hope to achieve. Others still are armour plated, or possess great strength, or staggering speed. Whatever their attribute, demons are a terrible race of beings, brought about by Dark magic and intent on destroying all they come across.

The Demons which inflict Iiosia are:


The mightiest of demons, and perhaps of all things upon Iioisa, the cha'karth are demonic overlords who control both vast hosts of demons and the powers of the Black Arc of magic. Currently thought eradicated from Iiosia.

The Demonspawn

Immortal Twins born through a coupling of two of the cha'karth


Mightily strong warriors who crush their foes beneath their massive fists.


Demonic servants, more entities than physical beings, which deliver messages of dread, terrifying and haunting the dreams of the living.


Bizarre, four legged, four armed creatures with tusks and tough hides.


Large, fast, armoured killing machines, substituting hands for long, serrated blades.


A female demon who will attempt to beguile males before killing them.


The mindless lackeys and main foot soldiers of demon hosts, ulthin are the most numerous of all demons.

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