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Races - Demons - Mealkon

Mealkons (Me-ale-con) are the size of a large warhorse. They have the torso of a well muscled humanoid, yet have four arms, and their bodies are like that of a rhinoceros, with bony hide acting as armour and strong, hoofed feet to trample enemies underfoot. Their facial features are disturbingly like that of a boar, with small, cunning eyes and a jutting lower jaw from which protrudes yellowed tusks.

In battle, mealkons use their great bulk to smash enemies aside. In each of their four limbs they might carry a large axe or sword, or some might prefer wielding two larger weapons such as mighty halberds or double handed blades. Despite it being potentially physically possible, no mealkon has ever been ridden into battle by any creature, demon or otherwise, even the mighty Chkarth.

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