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Races - Demons - Reavers

Reavers are built for combat. They stand ten to twelve feet high, and their flesh is interlaced with a hard carapace which is twice as strong as plate farmour. Their stature is similar to that of a gorilla, with huge, powerful arms in front with lesser limbs to the rear. Their forearms, though, end not in hands or claws, but simply in long, sharp, serrated blades. In battle, they use these blades to slice up their opponents with an unworldly quickness.

Reavers were known as the shock troops of demon host that invaded the world and began the Iiosia era. Their ranks would be the first into battle, smashing into the lines of dwarven troops arrayed before them and cutting down thousands with their blades. Huge, swift and deadly, reavers are nightmares to behold on the battlefield. Individually, a reaver would be a match for a small detachment of trained and drilled troops from any of the human provinces. The only reliable method of causing them harm is with missile weapons, which they have little defence save against their thick, armoured hide.

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