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Races - Demons - Succubae

The succubae are an ancient race of creatures which appear as beautiful, desirable women. Tales of succubae stretch back deeply into the history of all races. Thus, it is thought that they are not demons in the usual sense in that they are spawned from Inferis or tainted with the Dark Arc, but instead are a naturally wicked race of magical creatures. Regardless, during the times of the Great War they flocked to the banners of the Chkarth armies; so they are classed among the demons by most peoples.

They appear largely in isolated areas, and are known to lurk around small hamlets and along trade routes in the hope of encountering lone individuals to prey on. A succubus will take on the appearance of a beautiful woman, helpless and alone, who will approach lone or small groups of travelers and either beg their aid or offer them solace, comfort or companionship. Beguiled by her supernatural charms, the males she attempts to subdue are very unlikely to be able to resist this ruse. It is thought that it is a mild form of hypnosis, mixed with magical, mind-altering energies and a man’s natural desires which enables succubae to ensnare men in this way.

A succubus will fornicate with those she seduces, for succubae derive great pleasure from sexual activities. Once this is over, or sometimes during the act, the succubus will reveal her true from and real intentions. The real form of a succubus is not all that dissimilar from that which she initially appears, though her arms and legs are akin to that of a beast or bird, ending in claws or talons with fur or feathers protruding from her skin. They will often have tails, sometimes even wings, horns or some other bestial disfigurement.

She will then kill the man or men who she has trapped in her deceitful web; ripping out their throats and drinking their blood. She will feast on their flesh to sate her appetite before leaving the remains where they lie.

While many tales of such creatures are still told, and many warnings offered to those who would heed them, it seems to make little difference if one of these creatures are actually encountered. If not slain from a distance, the succubus will be able to beguile almost any male she comes across.

The best form of defence against a succubus is actually to be in the company of a woman. Women are immune to the allures of a succubus, and thus its primarily form of attack is rendered useless. Despite their beastly appearance, succubae are poor fighters when engaged in a fair encounter, and will often try to flee rather than fight something that may fight back.

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