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The Demonspawn – Orthane (or-thane) and Yvane (yuh-vein).

Centuries ago, the realms were beset by a demonic invasion which brought the empires of the atia, dwarves and tar’tchii to their knees, and changed the very nature of the world forever more. At the head of this invasion, six cha’karth; demons of immense power, led their armies on a conquest to destroy all they came across.

They almost succeeded, though their downfall was brought about largely due to the infighting between the cha’karth themselves. Close to the eve of the final battle, they struck out amongst one another; a conflict which resulted in only two of them surviving – Scythliea the Reaper, and Vanaus the Dark.

These two cha’karth were then in turn defeated in one last, terrible battle, against the forces of elves, atia, and tar’tchii, and were banished from the world. Thus end the war and began the birth of the fractured and broken world of Iiosia.

At this time, though, Iiosia was not the only thing being born.

In an unholy and decadent union of black magic and sordid depravity, Scythliea and Vanaus spawned two offspring. These siblings were known as the demonspawn. Orthane and Yvaine were their names; brother and sister created by the most terrible demons to ever walk the world.

Little is known about their true origins. What is known about them comes wholly from dwarvern records at the time and other sporadic so-called sightings and tales which spring up from time to time. It should be noted though, that the demonspawn are creatures of legend, and many believe them to be legend and nothing more.

They were human in appearance, records say. Why the cha’karth would choose this form is unknown – perhaps it was an attempt to mock the forces arrayed against them by using the form of what was, at the time, the lowest of the intelligent races on the planet.

Orthane is recorded as a well-muscled, tall man, with pointed teeth and eyes like pools of blood. His sister, Yvane, was tall and slender; as graceful as she was deadly.

Clearly they were not conceived in a natural, recognisable way; magic would have played a large part in how they came about. Another question raised by scholars who pondered such things was why the cha’karth would create them at all. The concept of romantic notions seems almost laughable, and others have suggested that the siblings were merely an experiment, or a security measure in case things somehow went wrong.

Perhaps the final argument has the most merit. After the fall of the cha’karth and the end of the Great War, the demonspawn made several appearances over the following centuries.

Yvane seemed hell-bent on heading northwards, and she was encountered by several groups of dwarves on her journey. Those who survived told tales of rivers of fire erupting from her feet; of her hair grasping and choking the life from those it caught; of her summoning lightning strikes at will to eviscerate those she wished.

She was eventually slain once she reached Vordaal itself; crushed under tonnes of rock as she attempted to access the keep, but falling foul of one of the many traps guarding its entrances. The place where she is buried remains undisturbed to this day. It is surmised that she was trying to reach the Magic Flux buried deep within the mountain so she could re-open a portal to Inferis.

Orthane, by contrast, marauded around the country which would become known as Magador. He became obsessed with the idea that a half-breed of the pure tar’tchii race survived the war – bore away by an atian mother. He spent centuries searching; decimating several villages and town as he did.

He was eventually defeated by a combined force of humans and atia, who managed to break his spirit and entomb him deep within the mountains. He could not be banished to Inferis – likely because he had never been there, and had been conceived upon Iiosia.

Whether or not he found his quarry was never discovered, but clearly he found it to be some kind of a threat.

It is said that, centuries later, a group of adventurers bumbled into his tomb and released his spirit. He then used his willpower to bind them to his will, leading them inexorably to the ancient ruins of Allyon, where he hoped to find a way to resurrect himself. Clearly he failed, as there have been no further rumours of him since then, even if that event even happened at all.

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