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Races - Demons - Ulthin

Ulthin are highly numerous lesser demons. They are a wicked off-shoot; practically a bi-product of Dark Arc magics.

Ulthin are misshapen, hairless monstrosities about as tall as a dwarf. They are hugely fat, and their flesh is a sickly pink. Their malformations include the lack of/or inclusion of extra limbs, and severe disfigurements to their already horrific frame.

They have little ability for rational thought besides the sadistic pleasure to reek pain upon other lifeforms. Ulthin have been known to fashion simple clubs, spears and bows. Alone, they are of little threat to anyone seasoned in the art of war, but in great numbers they can overwhelm practically any foe placed before them.

Ulthin have an unquestioning loyalty and admiration to the Cha'karth, who use them as entertainment and to fetch and carry things for them, and remain devoted slaves no matter how cruel or disdainful the Cha'karth are to them.

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