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Races - High Races

The High Races are those who have formed civilisations and cultures of their own. They have developed beyond the pure needs of survival, and construct elaborate dwellings and constructions, created culture, trade and, yes, hostilities between themselves and one another. The High Races have had the greatest impact on the development of Iiosia, and thus they are most frequently referred to within the world's lore and histories..

The high races are:


A race of frail humanoids who are attuned to the arcs of magic. In ages passed the atia were stargazers, and explorers of the world. They worshipped the pantheon which is still revered to this day, and mapped out the shores of the world before the events of the Sundering. They initiated the events which led to the Sundering, and the cracking of the world, due to their inquisitiveness about the Black Arc. In the centuries that followed, they became a shattered and nomadic race, and one which aided the development of humans, particularly in Oun.


The children of the Dark Arc, the ghreal are the manifestation of mankind and that corrupting form of magic. They are a skeletal, frightening race, whose gaunt frames belie their physical and mental fortitude. Twisted by the Black Arc, they are driven by the desire to control and dominate both other races, and each other.


The grellkin are a race of gigantic, metal-working people who have a high resistance to fire and a low tolerance to nonsense. A direct and gruff people, the grellkin of Xakara do not posses the keen intellect of the other High Races, but have an honesty and purity that is perhaps lacking in the others. The grellkin have a natural aversion to the sun, and will be turned to stone by it if caught in it's rays without being in possession of their Sunstone.


Children of The Stone, the dwarves are a stout, hearty race who are as quick to laughter as they are to anger. Their empire, and much of their population, was largely destroyed with the Sundering, and the dwarves have never regained their former strength. They value friendship, honour, and song. Some would describe them as crude and bawdy, yet others would say they are stoic and humourless. Whatever their manner, their reputations as fierce, resilient fighters goes unchallenged.


Humans are the most widespread race on Iiosia. They came to flourish after the events of the Sundering, when the empires of the tar'tchii, atia and dwarves either declined or vanished entirely. Humans are highly adaptable, quick to learn, and intuitive, and so have flourished, forming four unique counties of their own; Oun, Rune, Magador, and Orondor.

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