A Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy World created by Veriax


The Races of Iisoia

The world of Iiosia is populated with a great variety of people, beasts, and monsters. From the shambling hordes of restless, the war-loving ghreal, warped ferian, wicked harpies, fabled dragons, the magical atia or the disgusting 'blood-toad', Iiosia has creatures and races the details of which are found within these pages.

This area is subdivided into five sub-sections, described below. Below that is an alphabetical list of all the races and creatures for easy reference.

High Races

These peoples have developed beyond the needs of survival, and have formed grand empires and cities of their own. They are the most intelligent of people on Iiosia.


Races who grasp that there is more to life than finding the next meal, but have difficulty in achieving the accomplishments of the High Races – either because they are unwilling or unable. These races are often found intermingled within the settlements of the High Races, or have formed primitive tribes and groups of their own


Little more than animals who are ruled by their instincts. They are the monsters and animals of Iiosia, with the vast majority unable to be conversed or reasoned with via conventional means. They will either live solitary lives as hunters or form hunting packs with very simplistic hierarchies.


Beings who are brought forth from Inferis, and are fully consumed with the Black Arc of magic. These creatures are openly hostile to all others, and take delight in killing and destroying everything in their path just for the sake of doing so. They are alien to Iiosia, brought forth at the end of the Era of Wonder, and have been a blight ever since.


These horrific creations are the result of the Necromancy Aspect of the Dark Arc, and is largely comprised of those brought back to an un-life once their natural lifespan ends to serve a vile wizard and do his bidding. The undead also includes vampires, the origins of which are an off-shoot of both Demon and Undead, and ghouls, which are a further bi-product of the vampires.

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