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Races - Undead - Ghouls & Nashghouls

Ghouls are loathsome, vile creatures that most beings, necromancers included, regard as little better than animals. They are created when a vampire feeds on a victim's blood and entirely drains their body so that they are killed. Such occurrences are rare, but it does happen in cases where the either vampire is on the brink of starvation, or it is done in an act of revenge.

Those who are killed in this way and do not have their bodies burnt or their heads removed will arise as a Ghoul. Ghouls crave the flesh of both the living and the dead. They have an insatiable desire to gorge themselves upon anything they find, from rats and small birds to humans and carrion they find, and their only, overwhelming desire is to feed. They move on all fours, and are unnaturally quick and far stronger than they ever were in their natural lives, attacking anything they see with quick, erratic movements,

They are gaunt creatures with dark, sunken eyes, abnormally long nails and teeth, pale skin, and many also have their hair fall out. They have lost the ability to speak and instead make howling, bark-like noises akin to that of ravenous dogs. They only posses a basic, bestial intelligence, will flee if they feel threatened and avoid daylight, instead seeking out cold, dark places to lurk until night comes again. They are solitary creatures, and rare is it that more than one is ever encountered at a time. Ghouls will sometimes be found in graveyards, tearing up recently buried people so that they can devour the corpse within.

Nashghouls are similar to ghouls in behaviour and appearance aside from that they are smaller and tend to be even more vicious and aggressive. Nashghouls are met with more revulsion than even regular ghouls are because Nashghouls are what remain of children who are transformed by vampires.

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