A Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy World created by Veriax


Races - Undead

The undead are a collective terms used for those concerned with the Dark magical aspect of Necromancy – the power over death. From macabre wizards conducting bizarre experiments on the dead, to the shambolic Restless,  foul ghouls, the undead are an unnatural blight which is largely found within the north of Iiosia.

The undead which blight Iiosia are:


The remains of the dwarves who still haunt their holds after they were destroyed during The Sundering


Foul, savage creatures who feast upon the remains of the undead.


Mages who have transcended death to become one of the most powerful wizards on Iioisa. The aspiration of many Necromancers


Mages who study death, controlling and warming its powers to their own ends


Shambling hordes of the dead, totally mindless and unable to function without a necromancer or lich to direct them.


Born through an unholy union of necromantic and demonic influences, vampires suck the blood of the living, shun the sun, and posses fantastic physical and supernatural powers.

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