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Races - Undead - Lich

A lich is a necromancer who has crossed the boundaries of death itself to become something far more terrible. They have forsaken their grip on life in order to truly understand death, undeath, and necromancy.

To become a lich, a necromancer must give up their own life force, surrendering it to death in return for immortality. On the point of becoming a lich, their bodies die and gradually decompose. Because most liches are incredibly old, all that remains of most are now skeletons, yet they still retain all the faculties of speech, memory and free will via their magical power. They simply put themselves beyond death’s reach, truly becoming lords of necromancy and allowing themselves to study it and other Dark Arc magics without the limitations of a natural lifespan holding them back.

A lich still possesses all that which they learned in life, but by becoming a lich their body changes, hardens, and they become a far more powerful individual than they ever were in life.

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