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Races - Undead - Lich

These individuals study the nature of death and raising people from the dead, and thus come to be known as necromancers. Necromancy is the most loathed of the Dark Arcs, and many civilisations within Iiosia will not tolerate a necromancer in their midst. The practice of necromancy carries with it strong practical limitations, for in order to study death and creating undead one must have access to corpses to practice on, which is not something easily come by especially by those attempting to also mix with regular society. Therefore necromancers tend to either be very secretive or very reclusive individuals, for if their nefarious deeds are discovered they will likely find themselves being the recipient of a lynch mob. Studying necromancy is a dangerous activity not only for the possible social repercussions, but also because it is one of the most dangerous magical arcs to delve into.

Time and patience must be applied by any budding dark mage who does not want to end up turning themselves into a lesser undead creature, as so many have done in the past. A necromancer might spend years attempting to unlock the secrets of undeath before making progress in their chosen arc.

But with such trials come great rewards, for necromancy, once it yields its secrets, gives the necromancer access to extremely powerful and deadly spells. Spells that can, in time, help the necromancer even cheat death itself as they become a powerful Lich.

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