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Races - Undead - Restless

Restless make up the bulk of undead creatures. They are what remain of people who have been risen from death by a necromancer or other practitioner of necromancy, not turned into mindless skeletons and zombies. The differences between a skeleton and a zombie are that skeletons have no remaining flesh or muscle attached to their bodies, and so tend to have been dead for longer, whereas zombies will be in various states of decomposition.

Restless are bound to the will of the one who rises them from the dead. They will cease to be reanimated and collapse dead once again as soon as the necromancer wishes it, the necromancer dies, or if the raising spell that was cast upon them ends as only more powerful necromancers with greater power over necromancy can re-animate corpses indefinitely.

Restless are able to perform simple tasks assigned to them. They will obey their caster's whim at all times and fight and “die” for him without question. Restless have no will of their own, are unable to talk or communicate (save for the inaudible moan that the occasional zombie might utter), and if not given any instructions will stand immobile for eternity, until they stop being reanimated by one of the methods described earlier.

Skeletons are regarded as the superior of the two types; as they are purely made of bone they are notoriously difficult to damage with conventional weapons, they are also swifter when they move and operate, since a zombie's muscles barely work any more, their stiffness can hinder a zombie’s movements. In addition, zombies, particularly those that are risen from corpses less than a few weeks old, do rarely encounter flashbacks of their previous lives, which can lead them becoming confused, and not following the instructions issued by their necromancer correctly. For example, a zombie who used to be a blacksmith might start to mimic the actions of his trade, sometimes with thin air, rather than do what they were instructed. Such occurrences can be easily rectified, but it is a hassle that any discernible necromancer will ensure that he does not have to deal with.

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