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Races - Undead - Vampires and Vampyres

Vamprism was brought into the world relatively recently, during the fall of the kingdom of Orondor. It is believed that vampires were created by the chkarth demon who brought about its destruction, and they have since spread southwards into Rune.

They appear as regular members of their race, albeit with slightly paler skin, and are never seen out in daylight. Vampires have been known to live amongst humans and other races for many years totally undiscovered, and sometimes even holding positions of importance, influence and even power. They have their own agenda and free-will, and are not all set on doing evil, maniacal things. Because of their very nature, however, they are largely feared and reviled by mortals and will be hunted down and killed, or at the very least driven out, if discovered.

Vampires are extremely strong, agile individuals, who inherit a knowledge of the Dark Arcs, necromancy particularly, dominion over certain animals, hypnotic mental powers, and immortality. However, they also suffer from a thirst for blood, which they must quench by feeding on other life forms with their fangs, and suffer an extreme reaction from sunlight. Indeed, sunlight is the best way to kill a vampire, as its rays violently burn their flesh until they are nothing more than ashes. Decapitation and burning by regular fire are also ways to slay a vampire, as well as with banishing magic.

Vampires are classed as undead because they are not alive, yet they are not reanimated via necromancy or any other magic. Instead, vamprism has been called a disease that is passed from one carrier to another. It is spread by the drinking of blood, which is also how vampires sustain themselves.

To feed, vampires need not drain their victim totally, but only take a few pints from their body. The victim need not even be aware of this, and often the vampire will feed while the victim sleeps, or in a trance in which the vampire has influence over them. The victim will then wake a little dazed and weak, though suffer no other ill effects save for two faint marks on their neck or wrist where the vampire has fed. They will often be utterly unaware that they have been fed upon, and this is how the vampire remains undiscovered.

Vampires are created by a person being fed upon, almost to the point of death, and then the vampire then letting them drink some of their own blood. When this occurs, the recipient will turn into a vampire in a matter of hours. Because it is such a deliberate and lengthy act, the creation of accidental vampires is nigh unheard of.

Vampyres are similar to vampires except that they are even more powerful in every way. They are thought to be the purest strain of vampire. They tend to be more destructive in nature, and have a greater influence over the Dark Arcs and creatures of the night such as bats and wolves. However, their main strength is that of their physical power, which is truly staggering. Vampyres possess the strength many times that of mortals, and are nigh impervious to harm by non-magical means.

They are often found leading bands of vampires that hunt on small settlements or that lurk in towns and go on mass feeding massacres before moving on. Some of the more maniacal individuals leave entire towns full of despicable ghouls in their wake.

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