A Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy World created by Veriax


Realms - Inferis

Inferis is a plane of existence which lies beyond physical barriers and inhabits a place in space and time which Iiosia does not share.

It is a place of change, where even time flows oddly and the very laws of nature are twisted and warped so that little is recognisable from the lands those on Iiosia would call home.

Landmasses are constantly forming and disintegrating, mountains and strange rock formations rise and fall while forests and deserts change at the whim of the changing energies of the world.

Above, a near-constant mist swirls overhead, churning and boiling as if angrily doing battle with itself. Rare breaks in this mist reveal a blackness beyond with no stars shining in the distance.

The light emanates from the very land itself, casting shadows upwards onto the mists and creating a flickering, shimmering effect upon them.

The creatures of Inferis raise no cities, learn no crafts, speak no languages, and worship no gods. They are creatures born of change, and in a world which measures neither wealth nor time nor knowledge, change is all they know.

Yet these creatures, fuelled by magic as they are, can be immensely powerful from Iiosian perspectives.

For Inferis is the realm of the Black Arc of magic; the arc of corruption, of unnatural power, and of ‘demons’

Rifts can be created within Iiosia to break into Inferis, bringing back with it magical forces which have no place on Iiosia. The first of these was caused by the Magic Flux; the magical catalyst created by the atia, which brought about the end of their world and the birth of Iiosia.

The largest influx of Black Arc magic came about during The Sundering, and altered the face of Iiosia forever. With a single act, Iiosia’s seas boiled, its mountains rose and fell, its shorelines rippled and tore. The face of the land was changed by the Black Arc, and so were many races thereafter.

Those on Iiosia would call the denizens of Inferis ‘demons’, for within the world of Iiosia all they wish to do is to corrupt, to destroy, to change. Yet the creatures of Inferis, dragged into such a change and stable world, where seasons pass, time is measured, and lands remain stable, only wish to change it to become familiar to them; to make it more like home.

Often, demons do not even wish to traverse into Iiosia. It is Iiosians themselves – sorcerers looking for power, knowledge, and powerful servants – who summon them.

It is yet unclear whether the reverse of the journey, to travel from Iiosia to Inferis, could be possible. There are records of some who have tried, but they have never returned.

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