A Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy World created by Veriax


Realms - Cha'karthamoré

Far to the south, beyond the kingdom of Ghrea and the lost empire of Maleri, lies a landmass known as Cha'karthamoré (cha-karth-ah-more-eh).

It is a relentless, vast wasteland of sands and cracked earth, upon which the sun burns constantly and with such intensity that no natural life can hope to survive there. Ferocious sand storms scour the landscape, smoothing away rocks and removing all landmarks, so that anyone becoming lost in such a place will swiftly lose their bearings in the lifeless, featureless wastelands. These areas are known as the Blasted Wastes, and have claimed the lives of countless would-be explorers venturing into them.

The Mountains of Madness encircle these wastes, separating them from the seas beyond. The mountains stand thousands of feet high; towering over the seas and plains around them. They are so-called because of the affect they seem to have on those who camp within their shadows, for doing so brings forth terrifying nightmares so potent that even a single night spent under their gaze is likely to send even the most steadfast of men insane.

The shoreline of Cha'karthamoré culminates in two fagged peninsulas which create a jaw-like formation, and it is within this area that the heart of the place's terrors await.

The Boiling Sea seethes within the two landmasses; an area of ocean which constantly writhes as if the waters themselves are in the throws of agony. Rival currents vie for domination and cause huge waves and swirling maelstroms,  resulting in an area which is simply impossible to sail upon.

Within the mouth of the claw, a wide, red river flows into the Boiling Sea. This is the Blood River, its waters stained deep red with (what is believed to be) sediment from the Blasted Wastes. The Blood River flows from  within Cha'karthamoré, fed from an unknown source deep within the landmass. It is a sluggish river which belies strong currents under its murky surface, and it is one of the widest rivers known – almost a mile across in parts, and nigh impassible because of this.

At the mouth of the Blood River stand six mighty fortresses which were built by the cha'karth when they entered the world through the Magic Flux. For decades, the cha'karth lingered here, amassing the armies that would come to bring the world to its knees. It was The Six which housed these armies. Each fortress is a huge, twisted testament to the legacy of the cha'karth; no two are alike, yet they all exuberate menace and power. The fortresses are relatively abandoned now, yet still none venture there. It is said that evil things still lurk within their chambers, and that the spirits of the cha'karth which built them have never left the crumbling structures.

Almost one hundred miles inland, on the shores of the Blood River, Khralos (crey-lus) sits. Thought to be the most evil city on the face of  the world, Khralos came into being after the events of The Sundering, when the demons who were not banished to Inferis fled southwards back to the deserts. Many settled here, and formed a city of demons. Over the centuries, Khralos has grown steadily in size, spreading out for miles in every direction. In the centre of the city there sits a tower, of sorts, called The Kalabau. While initially simply a gigantic structure, the Kalabau has become so saturated in Black magic that it has become sentient. Ulthin and other lesser demons worship it, and believe that, one day, Kalabau will rise from the desert sands and lead them into battle against the north again, like the cha'karth once did long ago.

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