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Realms - The Histories, Landmarks, and Countries of Iiosia

Iiosia is a world of many different regions. From the human empire of Rune, the cragged heights of The Scar, the broken islands of Nethicka, and the vast, searing wastes of Cha'karthamoré.

Use the links below and above navigate to pages where you can learn more about each region, each giving details on who (or what) lives there, the history of the place, and what interesting landmarks, structures, and settlements are contained within.

On these pages you will find:

  • A summary of the Region and who lives there.
  • The history of how it came to be
  • Points of Interest within it.
  • Cha'karthamoré - A massive desert continent which lies to the south, where scorching heat and searing sand storms are just the mundane hazards encountered. Thousands of years ago the Cha'karth dwelt here and created a land of demons, much of which survives to this day. The Black arc flows strong here, twisting the weather and sparse vegetation into things of nightmare.
  • Dwarf Kingdom - The lands of the dwarves were largely destroyed in The Sundering, with almost all of their mountain fortresses collapsing or falling into the clutches of monsters. Now the only dwarf bastion left is the massive fortress of Vordaal, where much of the world's knowledge is stored.
  • Ghrea – Ghrea is the site where the Sundering occurred, and The Great War ended. Since then, the Black Arc have malformed the humans who have settled there, turning them into the warmongering, power-hungry Ghreal. Their empire now occupies this land; their slaves creating the weapons of war to invade other regions. The land is largely barren and twisted; housing an area known as “The Wound”, where the Black Arc is at its most potent.
  • Magador - The harsh frontier at the Bottom of the World; Magador is a land which struggles to keep order within its own borders without dealing with enemies from outside them. Since a Ghreal invasion wrecked the infrastructure which was once here, Magador has become a realm of city-states, leaving swathes of territory in the hands of bandits, monsters and warlords.
  • Maleri - Maleri is what remains of the ancient atian empire; now an archipelago which was formed during the Sundering when much of the land collapsed into the sea. The ruins of atian cities still stand in the dense, wild forests, containing treasures untold. But the forests are overgrown, and home to gigantic spiders, and even more sinister creatures still
  • Nethicka - A shattered land of harsh, rocky islands which were formed when a meteor struck, aeons ago. Those who live here now, the gilth, are a race of agile, skittish humanoids who worship an entity known as “The Silent Speaker”. The impact also created a huge underground cave system, named The Beneath; an area which is largely unexplored, but the location of fabulous gems and precious metals.
  • Orondor – Orondor was once a great kingdom of humans, rivalling even Rune in power. That was until one of the Cha'karth manifested itself, and in the space of a year brought about the entire ruin and destruction of the country. Now Orondor is a shunned place; the dead do not rest easy, things move in the ever-present mists, and even the trees have become sentient and wicked. Those who still live in Orondor do so in constant fear, fighting a never ending battle against the undead plague which stalks the land.
  • Oun - The human warrior state of Oun is as proud and skilled-at-arms as it is intolerant and strict. Its borders are rigorously patrolled, its ports thoroughly maintained and monitored. Oun is a state which values martial prowess, magical abilities, and knowledge of music, engineering, or anything else which benefits society. Outsiders are only dealt with for trading or if absolutely necessary, criminals are harshly punished, and those who do not pay homage to Oun are outcast.
  • Outlands - Beyond even the anarchy of Orondor, the Outlands are a large wilderness which is home to a varied odd people known as ferians. These people have been warped by the Black arc and are largely rejected from other cultures due to the animistic mutations they exibit.. They largely make their home in Fang, a large, dormant volcano.
  • Rune - The homeland of the humans, Rune is a major place of trade and military power. It is the largest of the realms of men, and the most prosperous. The Shining City, Eshion, sits at its heart, and is the seat of the throne of the noble Queen Tarsis.
  • The Scar - A highly mountainous and dangerous part of the world where fell beasts linger atop the mountains and worse creatures still lurk within the caverns beneath them. A place which is largely unexplored, and holds great mystery, adventure, and danger for those who seek such things.
  • The Steppes - A vast area of largely unexplored arid grasslands, home to a race of giant humanoid people.
  • Xakarah - Even the highly volcanic, volatile island of Xakarah supports life. The industrious grellkin - nigh impervious to heat and famed for their metal working skills - make their home here in the gigantic volcanic caverns.
  • Inferis - Inferis is not a physical place upon Iiosia, but its influence is felt throughout it. It is a chaotic, fiery plane of existence saturated in Dark Arc magic, and home to innumerable demons and terrible nightmares.

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