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Realms - Magador

Magador (mag-ah-door) is known as The Land of Strife. Its name is derived from the atian word for “Wilderness”.

General law and order collapsed long ago, leaving the county fragmented and at war within itself as a land of city-states and tyrannical rulers. The cities, be they governed by warlords, would-be princes, counsels, or merchant-kings, offer the only solace to the chaos beyond their walls. Much of the wilderness and countryside is left to bandits and roaming monsters; the people there living in isolated villages and towns.

Magador is surrounded on its northern borders by the mountain ranges of the Chasmcairns and The Spine. The north of the country is also dominated by hilly and rocky relief, though this dissipates and becomes flatter the further south one travels.

In places thick forests blanket the land. In times gone by the whole country was covered with them, but they have largely been burnt down during conflict or cut down for fuel, leaving large swathes of the country as vast, barren planes where only tough grasses and shrubs now grow.

The stark and steep Shadowcaster Mountains stretch along its southern shoreline, providing a natural defensive barrier and forming huge, dramatic cliffs which plunge into the sea. To the southeast the forests of pine and ash turn into those of palm, bamboo and cedar, as Magador ends and the lost realm of Maleri begins.

The land was first settled by the dwarves, centuries ago. After the events of the Great War, they set about building the fortress of Khallan to act as a first line of defence against a possible repeat of the demonic invasion. The city of Zanth was also set up to act as a hub for mining in the nearby mountains. However, shortly after their completion, the dwarves abandoned these structures as their kingdom crumbled and they retreated back to Vordall, though they still stand to this day, a testament to the longevity of dwarvern architecture.

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Within the mountains, in the blackest, deepest holes, lurks one of the world's most elusive and terrifying creatures: the tar'tchii. This race, once fair and beautiful but now twisted into a terrifying vision of evil, was driven here after the events of the Great War, much as the atia were. Though they are reclusive, what sightings there are remind the people of Magador of what true evil really is.

Among the city-states, Rhustor is the strongest.  It was the first major settlement to be built by the humans who settled here and remains the largest. It sits in the centre of the country at the intersection between the two other large cities, Zanthe and Haleport, as well as the fortress of Khallan to the south. As such, what trade there is within the country flows through Rhustor. The city itself is built upon a large plateau, and its tall, thick stone walls bare the scars of battle and serve as a stark reminder to the harrowing past of the country. The Seekers rule here, and are what remain of the Icon dynasty that bought about the most stable periods of Magador's history. Their influence is limited, however, while the people remain disillusioned, lost, and separated as they are.

Haleport is Magador's only major port, and thus is a very important centre of trade and commerce for the country as a whole. It is currently ruled over by a man called Aramis, an ex-adventurer who discovered vast wealth within Maleri and returned to Magador only to take over one of its major cities with the weight of his coin. He has installed a city guard and operates an opressive and strict regime. However, under his rule Haleport is, by and large, a relatively peaceful city. Because it is the major gateway into Magador which does not travel through Rune, it is a hugely busy place and made up of a vast diversity of people and races, even by Magador's standards.

Zanth is a centre of mining and crafting as it sits near the point where two mountain ranges, The Spine and The Shadowcasters, meet. This area is heavily mined for iron and copper, and Zanth serves as a central trading post for the mines to sell their produce. The city is ruled over by a dwarf who simply goes by the name of Firebeard. This fearsome individual's mining company struck the most lucrative ore veins within the mountains to date a little over a century ago, and thus has been able to keep control of the region with the wealth that has brought. However, the area is riddled with banditry attempting to steal the mined ore, and Firebeard must hire mercenaries to guard his mini-empire.

Khallan is a dwarven-built fortress which was constructed after the events of the Great War to watch over the southern lands in case of future demonic invasions. Over the next few centuries, as the dwarf empire crumbled and no invasion came, it was largely left abandoned. It has since been utilised by the humans who came to inhabit Magador, and still serves as a staging post against and future attacks not by an army of demons, but by the ghreal which live just south of Magador's southern shoreline.

The Breach is a pass within mountains of the Shadowcasters, which otherwise stretch unbroken for near the entire length of Magador's southern shoreline, form a valley several hundred feet wide. The Breach, as this valley is known, was where the Ghreal's attack which almost devastated the country took place some thousand years ago. Since then, it has been heavily guarded for fear that the event may repeat itself.

Harrow Gate, the northern fortress guarding the pass between Oun and Magador is manned by men from both countries. Its function is mostly symbolic, as it is something of a shrine to mark the point where a duel took place which sparked the birth of Magador.

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