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Realms - Oun

The human realm of Oun (ow-n) houses an insular society which regards loyalty to Oun above that of friendship and family.

The Ounish are a race of people who are taught skill at arms from a very young age, for every young man is pressed into five years of military service and taught that his loyalty is to the realm of Oun above all else. Their military is therefore one of the strongest in the world not is size but in the quality of its soldiers. Their society upholds strict values - marriage, loyalty, discipline - and treats criminals harshly no matter how petty their crime.

Oun looks unkindly upon foreigners, only allowing sailors and merchants to visit certain zones of their ports. They are seen as an arrogant nation, though few would dare voice that opinion were someone of Ounish heritage to be near.

It is a rich realm, blessed with a mild climate and high mountains on its borders. It first came into being when atia came to settle here after the Great War and, as if to atone for their sins, taught the primitive human tribes there building and farming techniques. Thus, the atia are somewhat revered within Oun. As they developed further, the Ounish people realised they had advanced beyond other humans of neighbouring lands, and so the closed and protective nature of Oun began,

Oun is a mountainous realm, inter-cut with fertile valleys through which wide, fast rivers flow. The land is heavily forested and the soil fertile, but high winds and the risk of flooding and wild seas mean that the farmlands are not totally safe.

Oun is notoriously windy, but compared to its warmer neighbour Magador, Oun’s climate is quite mild. Though winters can occasionally be harsh, the climate is often warm enough for crops to flourish and even exotic fruits such as grapes and bananas can be grown.

Oun has its fair share of rainfall thanks to the high relief of the lands that surround it, and flash flooding occurs along the banks of rivers from time to time.

Oun is a country ruled over by the humans, but many atia have also settled here.

The humans of Oun are generally fair-skinned and fair-haired, tall, and strong. They are a handsome race, proud and sometimes arrogant. Skill at arms is valued more in Oun than money, a glib tongue, or noble heritage, and thus fighting and swordplay is a deep part in Ounish culture. That is not to say that brawling and fighting is commonplace, for the country is one of the most disciplined on Iiosia (and one of the least forgiving when it comes to dealing with criminals), and honourable duels are preferred over gladiatorial fights to the death in the case of arguments. The Ounish people do not use fighting as a source of entertainment or sport, for they see this as a mockery of the art. Humans of Oun value honour above all else, and place pride and duty to Oun above all others; even family. That said, Ounish people have a strong sense of honour and loyalty which is regarded the world over as as strong as steel.

Oun is regarded as the first of the human realms to come into existence, and as the realms of Magador and Rune are thought to have sprouted from Oun, Ounish people regard themselves in a higher regard than foreigners. Indeed, Oun’s borders are particularly well defended with a mistrust for outsiders seeded deep into the psyche of all of Oun's citizens as they grow up. The only exception to this are the atia, who are regarded with some reverence. This is an unusual thing, to hold magic users with such high respect when Oun prides itself largely on its skill at arms and ability to fight in martial combat. The people of Oun are all highly trained in either sword, spear or bow, and a compulsory conscription into the army for all males is just another part of Ounish culture.

The Ounish army is small, but well trained and well drilled. Every man must enroll into the army for at least two periods of three years each between the years of 14 and 30.

Women who join the army become one of the Swordmaidens, who are trained in Zaradorn, and are one of the most deadly regiments at Oun’s disposal.

Anith’char (an-ith-char) is the capital of Oun and seat of the Weaponsmaster Theroden Lonth. It is a center of learning and teaching the arts of Weaponcraft. It is the largest city of Oun, built up against a mountainside and flanked by two cascading waterfalls known as the Weeping Widows – Mira and Missa - which serve as a reminder of those who have fallen in battle in the name of Oun.

Melas Lonoth (mel-ass lon-oth) is the second largest city of Oun, and its primary port. Though eager to trade their more exotic wares with other countries, the port is renowned for its harsh rules and regulations infringed upon foreigners. Despite their poximity to the sea the Ounish people are not keen seafarers preferring to fight and die on the solid earth.

Zaradorn is the staging ground for sending troops onto Magador and excursions into The Scar. It is also the training ground of the Swordmaidens and Ounish cavalry, though most warriors of Oun prefer to fight on foot.

The mountain fortress-monastery of Pinnacle (shown right) is held in great reverence to all in Oun. It is where the seat of Weaponsmaster is decided if it is contested, and houses the library wherein all the tomes of Oun’s history and war craft are kept. When a Weapons Master dies, his body is put on a boat and burned upon Lake Mirrorshield, which lies close by.

Harrow Gate is a mighty fortress which guards the only southern mountain pass through The Spine, which leads into Magador. It is held with great reverance by both the people of Oun and Magador for it  is the site of events which changed the history of both countries.

Gluttongloat, a shanty town which lies deep within the Darken Woods, is a retreat for those who are outcast, or those who are unwilling to live within Ounish society. Oun does not count Gluttongloat as part of its empire, for it is a place full of thieves, vagrants and other "undesirables".

The Darken Woods =mark the western borders of Oun, and are not a place where the citizens of Oun venture. It is a dense and wild place, within which beasts and monsters lurk, and thus provides an excellent hiding place for anyone wishing to escape Ounish law.

Reekwind Swamp, a huge marsh which stretches for many miles to the south. Parties of adventurers from Oun and other lands venture there, for it is the habitat of many exotic birds, beasts and plants, the spoils from which can be highly valued.

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