The Scar


A Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy World created by Veriax


Realms - The Scar

Between the human lands of Rune, Oun, and Magador, lies The Scar; a realm of mountains and volcanoes, deep chasms and near-bottomless crevasses. The Scar was created during The Sundering, when the world shook with violent earthquakes and other natural disasters. The Scar sits upon several faults within the earth, and thus the effects were pronounced here, raising mountains and sinking valleys alike.

The Scar is only accessible through certain points within the high mountain ranges of which it's comprised. Explorers have yet to find a way through the maze of hazardous rocks within the formation, and many do not even return. Those that have speak of their difficulty to navigate within the warrens of rock formations which have formed, streams of lava, sheer cliffs hundreds of feet high, raging rivers, and the exotic and dangerous creatures which live there.

It has become home to the bulk of what remains of the tar'tchii, who lurk within the many caves which riddle within the mountains, preying on the Magadorian villages within the foothills of their subterranean lairs. It is also rumoured to be the resting place of the last of the dragons.

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