The Steppes


A Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy World created by Veriax


Realms - The Steppes

A vast land of arid dunes, The Steppes are aptly named. Due to their remote location, and because of more pressing concerns people have had elsewhere, serious attempts to explore and map this area have yet to be made. That is not to say no one has been there – many independent exploratory expeditions have been launched, largely from Rune. Accounts of what has been found there differ wildly, and include roaming herds of strange, half man/half horse creatures, to gigantic humanoids, giant burrowing worms, walking trees, and ancient, strange ruins which seem to shift with the horizon.

Because accounts differ so wildly, and that no official records have been taken, no one can really say what lies within The Steppes. All that is known is that most of it is empty, arid wilderness.

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