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Iiosia Role Playing Game (IRPG) is a pen and paper board game which lets you play out adventures in the Iiosia universe. It uses a rule system akin to that of Dungeons and Dragons, insofar as one player runs an adventure and the other players create avatars and go on that adventure. It is designed to be reasonably simplistic and easy to get to grips with, but also offer flexibility and versatility. On this page you can find all the documentation you will need to play.

Rules and Game Materials

Entire IRPG collection, version 1.4

Everything you need is right here: the entire up-to-date IRPG collection. Contains all the resources listed below. All documents are the latest versions.

Note that this is a .rar file. You'll need WinRar or 7-zip to open it.

You'll also need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open the main documents. Both of these programs can be downloaded for free.

The file includes the Core Rules, Magic Manual, Game Masters Tome, Bestiary, and the IRPG Character Sheet in PDF format.

The IRPG Core Rules contains all the basic information that you'll need to play IRPG, including sections on character creation, equipment, combat and comprehensive skill lists.

The Game Master's Tome book comprises optional rules that both add to and expand on the existing IRPG rule set to make for a more detailed game. Such things include special skills, weather effects, injuries, and starvation effects.

Within the Magic Manual you will find information on how to use the potent and dangerous magic spells within the game. With twelve spell type categories and multiple spells to cast within those, magic is one of the most versatile tools a player of IRPG can unlock.

The Bestiary contains profiles for all of the major races and monsters within Iiosia, so adding them to your games couldn't be easier!

Game Modules

The following links are separate pre-made game modules for GMs to download and play with their friends as the characters, so you don't have to make your own if you don't want to.

Note that currently these use the rules for IRPG version 1.3.5 and I have yet to bring them up to date.

The Trails of Orthane

The characters become trapped within an ancient crypt. Can they unlock the mysteries of the place and escape, or succumb to the dangers within?

Poison's Source

While on the road, a band of adventurers becomes embroiled in a quest to save an isolated town from a wicked spell-caster ruining their water supply.

Cold Kiss of Vengeance

During a brief visit to the Grellkin homeland, a band of unlikely allies are hired by a father who needs them to help him rescue his kidnapped kin.

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